(Hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)
  1. Clients can withdraw the funds from their trading account at any time. Once your withdrawal request is approved your withdrawal request will be processed by us and sent to the same bank, credit card or other source for execution.
  2. When a client submits a withdrawal request, the Company shall process the request within 3 (three) business days. Funds will be returned to client’s account via the same method he used to deposit.
  3. The procedure for payment refund in each case is considered individually, depending on the objectivity of the stated reasons. Typical refund situations include:
    1. If someone without permission made a purchase on your account or used your payment method, and the fact of fraud was established.
    2. If the purchase was not delivered for technical reasons.
    3. If the purchase is made accidentally or you change your decision, and, at the same time, money was not involved in the service.
  4. The refund will be made using the same details of the account, card or e-wallet that a Client used for making the deposit, where possible.
  5. Deposits to and withdrawals from a trading account shall be permitted only from/to a bank account/card/e-wallet in the name of the Client. The Company has enforced all available measures in order to prevent third-party transactions.
  6. The Company must verify that the sender is a registered client, before processing the amount to the client’s trading account, otherwise, the Company reserves the right to refund the net amount received to the remitter by the same method as it was received.
  7. The Company shall only refund the amount to the person whose name appears on the registered account. If the mentioned name is different, the client must contact the Company to get the approval. If the payment has been made by credit card, the refund shall be processed to the original credit card used at the time of purchase.
  8. Mistakes made by us while transferring the funds shall be refunded to the Client. However, this does not apply if the client has provided wrong instructions or information to the Company, in which case, the client may have to suffer the loss.
  9. The Company not responsible for any fees charged by other payment service providers or intermediaries. For the information on fee /changes, please contact contact us.


In case of a chargeback request, the clients are liable to pay the chargeback fee or reversed payments.


The Company follows a flexible cancellation process and considers valid cancellation requests, providing full cooperation to the clients. The clients may cancel their account application at any time. In order to improve our services, the Company may request a valid reason for the cancellation. Clients are required to redeem their funds and close all open positions before requesting for account cancellation.